Tea With Strangers

Make the world smaller,
6 cups of tea at a time.

Tea time is a conversation fueled by the stories, questions, and listening of a few strangers and a super host.

We make it possible.

What We’re About

We’re on a mission to make our world smaller. Our neighborhoods more neighborly. Our friends more friendly. Our communities more communal. Our humans more human. We’re all about how we can bring people together to inspire real connection, founded first on how we express and share curiosity, empathy and generosity with one another. We know that when we focus on having each others’ backs instead of worrying about who has our back, we all get exactly what we need. Probably more.

What we’re doing here with Tea With Strangers isn’t groundbreaking. Tea time doesn’t leave you feeling like everything in your life is different, but it does leave you with a fresh dose of perspective and understanding. And it fits into a normal, busy person’s schedule, like going to the gym. One workout won’t give you a six-pack, but regularity helps. TWS is all about making opportunities for understanding and connection as available as the gym.

Being reflective, appreciating the people around you, and getting out of the echo chambers of our day-to-day lives shouldn’t require you to backpack somewhere across the world on some journey to enlightenment. It’s available all around you if you just travel in your own home.

That’s awesome! How do I help?

Check out our Contributor's Guide to learn more about how you can contribute to Tea With Strangers.